Chrysanthos Panayiotou & Sons Ltd



Chrysanthos Panagiotou & Sons LTD Company is a family business that specializes in the field of light metal constructions, constructions from stainless steel and brass and in general in the field of welding.

The name of the company comes from its creator, Mr. Chrysanthos Panagiotou, where for more than 40 years it serves with prudence, zeal and awe. At the age of 21 he invests the money of his marriage in the first machines that were necessary for the fulfillment of tasks.

His wife for three whole nights can not understand the essence of this waste. Later this woman stands as a helper in the first steps of the newly established company. He already has the experience of 5 years, since in parallel with his study at the Technical University of Athens he works next to the master Stasis to help his bio-wrestling parents financially.

His contact with the iron, his forging and the world of welding were a beacon for his big dream, to give the world the best result based on safety standards in construction and welding.

The first step was taken in 1999 with the official establishment of the company. In 2003 the company acquires its own factory, with offices and showroom, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for the best and most beautiful result.

Today we have at our disposal 15 staff, experienced and trained, with degrees in welding, diplomas in firefighting, civil engineers and architects, they are our backbone, guided by the man and the ideals of the family business, as the company started!